Hypnotherapy - what to expect and how to book sessions

Session package and Fees

For those serious about wanting to make positive changes for themselves, a number of sessions are recommended.


With three sessions momentum will build and changes will occur. At least three sessions are recommended for anyone who desires to bring about significant change or improvement. 

These sessions will be bespoke and tailored to your individual needs.

Fee for three session package: £249

Session One: up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Goal: Firstly a pre-hypnosis talk where we discuss in detail what you'd like to address, what you hope to achieve from the sessions and my subsequent assessment of your needs. This will really be an exploratory conversation where I will find out when your symptoms first started and help piece together why you might be feeling and experiencing the things that you are struggling with.

I will also introduce you to common hypnotherapy concepts, models of how the mind works and how hypnotherapy works. Then there will be time to have a short introductory hypnotherapy session towards the end, concluding with a discussion about how the session went for you.

Occasionally my initial assessment may result in a recommendation that hypnotherapy is not the best path forward for you and other approaches can then be recommended. If this is the case, a fee for only one session (rather than the package of three) will be payable.

A 15 minute phone call first can help to find out if hypnotherapy is right for you, but note this is not a complete assessment and I reserve the right to recommend alternative approaches based on ethics, my expertise and my experience.

Session Two: up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Goal: With familiarity of hypnosis from your first session, we can review your goals discussed previously and agree together how you'd like to approach this next hypnotherapy session and what we can achieve for you. 

Session Three: up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Goal: Discuss and review how things have been progressing for you since your last session and agree together how you'd like to approach this subsequent hypnotherapy session.

I recommend that sessions are spaced approximately 1 - 2 weeks apart.

Contact me to inquire about setting up your package of sessions.

Payment details

I accept payment by PayPal 

(international) or bank transfer (UK only).


The full £249 for your three sessions is payable directly after the first session.


If you are unable to keep any of your appointments it is essential that you inform me by email at least 48 hours in advance, upon which you will receive written confirmation from myself should you wish to change the appointment to an alternative date.

Failure to obtain written confirmation from me will result in a cancelled appointment charge.

Rock Balancing

Telephone/online sessions

All sessions are carried out by WhatsApp video chat, FaceTime or Zoom so you can safely have hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. Remote sessions are equally as effective and powerful as in-person sessions and clients from across Europe, North America and Australia have benefited from this work with me as much as clients in person. Once the hypnosis begins, your eyes are closed and the only relationship between you and the hypnotherapist is through the voice, so hypnotherapy is perfectly suited to be done remotely. A headset that can be worn comfortably whilst reclining is recommended; otherwise, a speaker phone works just as well.

Preparation for your sessions

It's a good idea to try and arrange an appointment time when you are:

  • Well rested (good night’s sleep) and have a naturally high mental energy (not from lots of caffeine). If you are not well rested, the mind has more challenge in focusing and a more difficult time accessing positive perspectives.

  • Not caffeinated. Avoid coffee two hours before a session. Caffeine activates the nervous system and the mind, which can work against the hypnosis which is focused relaxation.

  • Less stressed than at perhaps other times in your day or week. This makes it easier to relax. For people with a stressful day job during the week, an end of week or weekend session is often an optimal time.

Approach and philosophy for sessions

As someone considering hypnotherapy as a solution, you may have a single issue you would like to address or you may have a long list of issues you’d like to work on.

Single Issue Clients

If you are someone who has a single issue that needs healing, we will get to work with the goal of bringing full resolution in your three sessions. Single issues can include nail biting, quitting smoking, losing weight, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

I will start by talking with you to identify underlying causes for the thoughts, feelings, or behaviours you are looking to resolve. Most issues we are addressing in hypnotherapy are a result of an old coping or protective mechanism, which at one time made sense, but is now outdated and unhelpful. It is often only through hypnosis that we come to an understanding of our experiences and challenges.

While classic hypnosis approaches often go to work immediately at overriding these mechanisms through giving the subconscious positive programming, this is akin to mowing the lawn to eliminate weeds — its only a matter of time before the energy stored in the root will push up new shoots and soon re-establish the presence of the offending pattern.

Identifying and healing the root emotional cause is the more holistic and sustainable approach. This is like pulling up the weed by its roots, eliminating any chance for revival. Once a root has been identified, we move forward to heal that root, explaining to the subconscious that there is no more reason to continue the now-meaningless pattern. We always wrap up each session with visualizations of success or health in that area of your life, extending in to the future.

Multiple Issue Clients

If you are someone who has a list of issues that need healing, my first goals with you are to:

  1. Assess your goals and any possible limitations.

  2. Determine the framework within which we can work and develop a recommended therapeutic approach.

  3. Identify any limiting beliefs around your ability to heal and respond by teaching you about how we can transform with hypnotherapy.

  4. Get you relief by working on the deepest core issue that you are willing to work on. This is typically done by bringing healing to major painful themes and painful events from your past. Often multiple issues are interrelated and by working at the core issues, other issues disappear.

It’s always interesting to see where the movement occurs after an initial package of three sessions. Some issues are easily healed or shifted, while others can require more focused time and attention in follow-on sessions. This can be discussed at the end of session three. The requirement for and timing of any additional sessions is ultimately up to you, with content we would  focus on each time determined through discussion and agreement.

Here is the outline of steps that I generally take with multiple-issue clients:

  1. Examine the list of symptoms in want of healing and tie them to core themes/issues.

  2. Conduct the three session package, addressing all core issues we are aware of at this time.

  3. Evaluate efficacy of sessions at the end of the package, through (a) your feedback to me of your subjective experience, and (b) you observing yourself over the days following the sessions and then sharing with me what symptoms were alleviated and which symptoms remain.

  4. Discuss and decide whether additional session work is wanted (up to you based on your urgency in addressing remaining issues) and likely to be helpful (based on the success in changing symptoms as a result of the three session package).

  5. Either conduct an additional focused session, or end course of treatment.

After any additional sessions, we would return to Step 3, evaluating success, and then Step 4, determining if further work is wanted and likely to be helpful.

** Your health and well-being are always in my best interest. I reserve the right to withhold the use of hypnosis until such time I feel it is appropriate for you. For clients in acute emotional distress or presenting significant symptoms of trauma, I may recommend the use of active discussion in the waking state to unravel core issues and complex patterns prior to using hypnosis. In some cases, this may result in hypnosis not being utilized in the first session. **

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