Preparing for your session

It's a good idea to try and arrange an appointment time when you are:

  • Well rested (good night’s sleep) and have a naturally high mental energy (not from lots of caffeine). If you are not well rested, the mind has more challenge in focusing and a more difficult time accessing positive perspectives.

  • Not caffeinated. Avoid coffee two hours before a session. Caffeine activates the nervous system and the mind, which can work against the hypnosis which is focused relaxation.

  • Less stressed than at perhaps other times in your day or week. This makes it easier to relax. For people with a stressful day job during the week, an end of week or weekend session is often an optimal time.

We know that life doesn't always allow for the 'optimal conditions' just because we wish it to be so, therefore don't worry too much about finding 'the perfect time' to have hypnotherapy. Just bear the above advice in mind when booking a session.