“A life changing experience. I can absolutely recommend Linda for hypnotherapy - the sessions were relaxed and [I] felt very comfortable opening up and talking. After my first session I could already notice an improvement in my confidence and other personal challenges. The second session enhanced these further”

Kat, UK

“After one session with Linda I felt a profound shift in self-love and self acceptance. I felt less anxiety about certain things that I had been experiencing and although there didn't seem to be any radical change in my life, I quickly noticed small things happening: I was more productive, I received unsolicited inquiries about work and a casual acquaintance suddenly became more!

I felt very comfortable with Linda. Our session, which was done via video chat and phone, flowed with ease. I will work with her again on other various issues and look forward to discovering what results I will see!”

G. Tucker, Canada

“Linda is a portrait of professionalism, healing sensibility united with adroit training and lived experience. The sessions I did with her generated immediate results: calm, epiphany, acceptance and understanding. I look forward to working with her again and again.”

N. A. Kudumu, USA

"I highly recommend Birmingham Hypnotherapy with Linda Carter. I was led to her services after hitting one of the lowest points in my life. After three sessions, I was feeling more clear and connected to my body, to my spirit and to my purpose. I truly enjoyed Linda's patient and kind spirit, her willingness to truly listen and her gift is a bright light in this world, helping people heal all over the world. Thank you Linda, for helping save my life in 2020. I look forward to working with you again. You are a true gift."

Saniyah Sahar, USA

“I had my very first hypnotherapy session with Linda and she was amazing. Made me feel really comfortable talking about things that were sensitive to me. She helped me open up and I learned some great techniques dealing with personal issues, some I hadn't dealt with for years. I highly recommend her services. Thanks again Linda!"

Michelle G, Canada

"Linda is an empathetic person who is very easy to talk to and share observations with. I feel much lighter since having the sessions, and a greater sense of confidence along with a can-do attitude towards my goals. I highly recommend Linda for her support whilst deep diving into emotional healing."

Jade M, UK

“Linda is a delight to work with. Her warm and inquisitive approach to our first session put me immediately at ease and I felt comfortable opening up to lay the foundation for hypnosis. I experienced a positive shift even after one session (via WhatsApp). It's clear Linda is skilled in hypnotherapy and passionate about her practice. I highly recommend working with her."

K. Browning, Canada

"Linda is a wonderful, compassionate therapist who offers an incredibly safe space to work through a variety of issues that can be helped by Hypnotherapy. Linda's therapeutic approach has helped me where many others haven't and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Katie Cole, UK

"Linda was recommended to me by a friend. I had recently been to talking therapies which was useful to help find reasoning for my issues in the past, but I really wanted to find a way to change sub-conscious perceptions for the future. Linda was so easy to talk to, she completely understood my needs and easily found ways to apply those within her hypnosis techniques. The hypnosis itself was the most relaxing experience. I can honestly say that my confidence & anxiety issues have reduced dramatically & I now feel on top of the world! If in the future I feel I need more sessions I’d go back to Linda in a heartbeat. She is such a kind person, a complete professional & very skilled in what she does."

Stephanie Stevens, UK

"My sessions with Linda have been foundational to my peace of mind during this really difficult time. The issues that I wanted to address were miscommunication in some of my interpersonal relationships and creative blocks that I sometimes experience as a writer. Linda’s sessions have been more than a blessing in both of these areas of my life. I feel a sense of empathy and empowerment during my sessions that carries over into my day to day interactions. Also, she ensures that I have the tools to use on my own time whenever I should need them. This self-empowerment helps me feel ready and able to meet difficulties when they arise, as they always do. I can’t recommend Linda enough to anyone looking to positively change their lives. <3"

Mona Hazeur, USA