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Online Hypnosis 

Sessions are 90 minutes i.e. longer than the average

45 - 50 min session typically offered by 


Online Sessions

are carried out via

WhatsApp, FaceTime or 

Google Meet 

(no account required)

Remote sessions are equally as effective and powerful as in person sessions. Once the hypnosis begins, your eyes are closed and the only relationship between you and the hypnotherapist is through the voice, so hypnotherapy is perfectly suited to be done remotely.

Clients from across Europe, North America and Australia have benefited from this work with me as much as clients in person.


With three sessions momentum will build and changes will occur. 

I therefore offer sessions in packages of three and these should be spaced one to two weeks apart.

Whether in person or online, you choose what is most comfortable and convenient for you.

It may also be possible to have a mixture of in person and online sessions to accommodate your needs.

Getting Ready for Your Online Sessions

- As long as you're in a comfortable environment where you won't be disturbed and have access to a chair with a high back to rest your head against, or somewhere you can recline, you're in a good place for online hypnotherapy.

 - A headset/earphones that can be worn comfortably whilst reclining is recommended; otherwise, a speaker phone works just as well.

 - Whether using your laptop, tablet or phone, just make sure your device is charged up.

 - To start with, we're going to have a 'face-to-face' chat so if you're using your phone, think of being able to rest it against something so you can talk 'hands free'. Once we start the hypnosis, this is less important (since you'll be reclining and will have your eyes closed).

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