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Linda Carter
Certified Hypnotherapist

Image of Linda Carter, Hypnotherapist

This is holistic therapy which means examining and addressing the cause of how you're feeling now, not just treating the symptoms.

This will lead to

lasting, positive and empowering effects

in all areas of your life.

Let me help you

My Story

In 2014 I was lucky enough to work with Andrew Gentile, a well renowned Hypnotherapist, author and trainer of evidence-based practices for personal healing, transformation and empowerment. Andrew helped me overcome repeated cycles of depression and I was truly amazed at the results.

Understanding that I had the power to change my own mind, to decide whether I was going to feel happy and in control... it was a massive revelation to me. I finally understood that I did not have to be a victim to my own thoughts, that I could influence them and therefore have control over both my feelings and my emotions.

I realised that opening my mind to the possibilities available to me is the greatest gift Andrew's ever given me. And I knew then that I wanted to become a fully qualified hypnotherapist, to help other people realise the same potential within themselves.

My Training

I gained my Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification from Mandala Institute for Holistic Mental Health in Toronto, Canada in July 2018. Their training goes far beyond most hypnotherapy certification training courses, teaching concepts and frameworks about emotional well-being, mental health, love and self-love, trauma and its resolution and resilience.

Their teaching includes:


The science, psychology, and philosophy of resilience and mental health including cutting edge and highly effective approaches to healing mental and emotional challenges in the general population.


Trauma identification and resolution with robust discussions of the implications of various lifestyle, societal and cultural inputs that affect our mental health.


Exploring the concepts and tools to identify and meaningfully respond to stress-related and trauma-sourced mental, emotional and behavioural challenges that many people face

Through my own profound experience with the healing and transformative power of hypnotherapy, my passion is to show others how to tap into their own potential - and bring about life affirming changes for themselves.

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