About me - my story

Back in 2014, like many of us, I experienced something so emotionally painful I honestly felt it would engulf me. I also recognised that I didn't want to repeat another cycle of depression like I'd sunk in to in the past when coming face to face with similar experiences. This time I knew I just couldn't let that happen; I knew I had to fight back.

As I found myself on the edge of a black hole of despair, I reached out to a good friend with a plea to please help me. This friend also happened to be a very successful hypnotherapist.

That person was Andrew Gentile - hypnotherapist, author and trainer of evidence-based practices for personal healing, transformation and empowerment. We got to work straight away, starting with some hypnotherapy sessions via WhatsApp (over the phone).

I was astounded at the results and life started to take on a whole new meaning for me. As my confidence grew with the technique, so did my exploration with my own self hypnosis. Understanding that I had the power to change my own mind, to decide whether I was going to feel happy and in control... it was a massive revelation to me. I finally understood that I did not have to be a victim to my own thoughts, that I could influence them and therefore have control over both my feelings and my emotions.


I was lucky enough to go on to be tutored and mentored personally by Andrew over a long period so I started to use all this knowledge and skills I was gaining by offering hypnotherapy sessions to some of my friends. 

I soon realised that opening my mind to the possibilities available to me is the greatest gift Andrew's ever given me... 

and it was then I knew I wanted to become a hypnotherapist, to help other people realise the same potential within themselves.

I undertook my formal training and in July 2018 gained my Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification from Resource Method Trainings Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Their training goes far beyond most hypnotherapy certification training courses, teaching concepts and frameworks related to emotional well-being, mental health, love and self-love, trauma and its resolution and also resilience.

I learnt about the science, psychology, and philosophy of resilience and mental health and received training in cutting edge and highly effective approaches to healing mental and emotional challenges in the general population. We focused on trauma identification and resolution with robust discussions of the implications of various lifestyle, societal and cultural inputs that affect our mental health. We explored the concepts and tools to identify and meaningfully respond to stress-related and trauma-sourced mental, emotional and behavioural challenges that many people face. These frameworks allowed me to hit the ground running, equipped to immediately begin helping people facing the most serious challenges.

And so now here I am, ready to help you too with whatever challenge that you are facing. Contact me to get started on your road to transformation!

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Through my own profound experience with the healing and transformative power of hypnotherapy and self development, my passion is to show others how to tap in to their own potential and bring about life affirming changes for themselves.

What I do is holistic therapy which means examining and addressing the cause of how you're feeling now, not just treating the symptoms. This will lead to lasting, positive and empowering effects in all areas of your life

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