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What to expect in hypnotherapy

You are responsible for your healing and will be an active participant in the process

Session One: up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Goal: Firstly a pre-hypnosis talk where we discuss in detail what you'd like to address, what you hope to achieve from the sessions and my subsequent assessment of your needs. This will really be an exploratory conversation where I will find out when your symptoms first started and help piece together why you might be feeling and experiencing the things that you are struggling with. This is a very important element of the therapy with me before the hypnosis part - I want you to feel comfortable enough to delve deeper in to why you might be thinking, feeling or behaving in a way that is troubling you. We will very much work together in order to understand what might be holding you back - and how to make the changes that you want to see, feel and experience.

I will also introduce you to common hypnotherapy concepts, models of how the mind works, how hypnotherapy works and of course help you understand how it could help with your issues. Then there will be time to have a short introductory hypnotherapy session towards the end. This will be a relaxing, pleasant and enjoyable experience. The session will conclude with a discussion about how the session went for you. 

Occasionally my initial assessment may result in a recommendation that hypnotherapy is not the best path forward for you and other approaches can then be recommended. A 15 minute phone call first can help to find out if hypnotherapy is right for you, but note this is not a complete assessment and I reserve the right to recommend alternative approaches based on ethics, my expertise and my experience.

Session Two: up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Goal: With familiarity of hypnosis from your first session, we can review your goals discussed previously and agree together how you'd like to approach this next hypnotherapy session and what you'd like to achieve. By continuing to explore your history and past experiences, we can further understand how your past experiences have shaped your thinking and behaviour now - and actively work to challenge and transform limiting self beliefs in hypnosis. Taking responsibility for your mental wellness can feel intimidating but with my help, I can show you how incredibly empowering the process is.

Session Three: up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Goal: Discuss and review how things have been progressing for you since your last session and agree together how you'd like to approach this subsequent hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy with me is solution focused so we will check at the end of three sessions whether you feel you have reached a full resolution to your issues or whether further sessions may be required.

** Your health and well-being are always in my best interest. I reserve the right to withhold the use of hypnosis until such time I feel it is appropriate for you. For clients in acute emotional distress or presenting significant symptoms of trauma, I may recommend the use of active discussion in the waking state to unravel core issues and complex patterns prior to using hypnosis. In some cases, this may result in hypnosis not being utilized in the first session. **

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Preparing for your sessions

You need to be available to commit to at least three sessions, spaced one or two weeks apart.


For those serious about wanting to make positive changes for themselves, a number of Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions are recommended. With three sessions momentum will build and changes will occur. At least three sessions are recommended for anyone who desires to bring about significant change or improvement so I offer sessions in packages of three. You will have 5 weeks from the date of your first session in which to take all three sessions. 

It's a good idea to try and arrange your sessions when you are:

  • Well rested (good night’s sleep) and have a naturally high mental energy (not from lots of caffeine). If you are not well rested, the mind has more challenge in focusing and a more difficult time accessing positive perspectives.

  • Not caffeinated. Avoid coffee two hours before a session. Caffeine activates the nervous system and the mind, which can work against the hypnosis which is focused relaxation.

  • Less stressed than at perhaps other times in your day or week. This makes it easier to relax. For people with a stressful day job during the week, an end of week or weekend session is often an optimal time.

We know that life doesn't always allow for the 'optimal conditions' therefore don't worry too much about finding 'the perfect time' to have hypnotherapy. Just bear the above advice in mind when booking your sessions.

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