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Birmingham Hypnotherapy
with Linda Carter, Certified Hypnotherapist

Begin Your Journey to Happiness

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Through my own profound experience with the healing and transformative power of hypnotherapy, my passion is to show others how to tap into their own potential - and bring about life affirming changes for themselves.

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Linda Carter, Certified Transformational Hypnotherapist

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis, a state of focused deep relaxation, as a therapeutic technique.


Transformational Hypnotherapy is about empowerment. It allows you to access the deeper wisdom of your subconscious mind and to resolve issues at their core. 


Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of symptoms. Treatment is adapted to each individual and can be either long or short-term. Common issues that hypnotherapy can treat include:

Hypnosis in Birmingham

Hypnotherapy - the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique -  is perfectly suited to be done online (remotely). Once the hypnosis begins, your eyes are closed and the only relationship between you and the hypnotherapist is through the voice. 


You can choose to have sessions either in person in Birmingham, UK or online - whichever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Meet Linda Carter

Linda Carter is a female Certified Hypnotherapist trained in Transformational Hypnotherapy - helping you to find the root cause of difficult feelings, emotions and behaviours you're struggling with - and enabling and empowering you to get the results you want and transform your life forever.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Female Hypnotherapist

Looking for a trusted, compassionate hypnotherapist? Discover the benefits of choosing a female hypnotherapist who understands your needs!

Female hypnotherapists can offer a unique comfort and understanding, allowing you to relax more fully during your therapy sessions. Whether you need help dealing with stress or are dealing with deeper issues such as trauma, depression, or other mental health concerns, having a trusted female hypnotherapist to provide support can make all the difference.

Knowledge of Life Transitions for Women

A female hypnotherapist can provide valuable insight into the unique life transitions women often face. She will be equipped with the skills to help you through different life phases in a compassionate, safe way. Seeking help from a female hypnotherapist can make the difference between struggling and succeeding throughout some major transitions like perimenopause, menopause for example.

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I can honestly say that my confidence and anxiety issues have reduced dramatically and I now feel on top of the world!

Steph, UK

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I experienced a positive shift even after one session (via WhatsApp). It's clear Linda is a skilled Hypnotherapist and passionate about her practice.

Kate, Canada

Check out the results that my clients achieve!

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