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Overcome Anxiety

You Are Not Broken in Need of Fixing. You Are Hurt in Need of Healing.

I work with people who are ready to Take Action.

Action that will take them from feeling scared and unable to move forward in life
- to feeling
Safe, Courageous and Excited about the Future

You Know Anxiety is Holding You Back

Anxiety is stopping you from doing what you want with your life.

It might be preventing you from achieving certain goals personally or professionally. Or both.

You may have talked to friends or family and they just don't get it. They might tell you to "Just think positively" or "Don't worry about it."

You might have tried countless types of 'calming remedies' that promise miracle cures and instant results.

You might have tried anti-anxiety medication; talk therapy/psychotherapy; counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). You may have found these helpful short term, or that any of the initial positive effects just don't seem to last.

Caring, Professional and Confidential Hypnotherapy Service
Tailored To You in Birmingham

Birmingham Hypnotherapy with Linda Carter

A presentation at the office

I get what it's like
feel stuck

In 2014 I had Hypnotherapy myself - and it transformed my life!

In 2018 I trained to become a Hypnotherapist so I could share what I learnt and achieved with others.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Short term therapy -
with long lasting results

On average clients have between

three and nine sessions.

Many clients have described the therapy session results as

"Life Changing"

Glitch Butterfly in Nature


I'm trained in Transformational Hypnotherapy which focuses on getting to issues at their root.

By addressing the root cause, the change that occurs is lasting. 

I Will Guide You Through a Healing Process 
Library of Birmingham
Trusted Hypnotherapist
in Birmingham
“Hypnotherapy has felt incredibly powerful - I am not exaggerating when I use the word euphoric. After my sessions I (still) feel liberated from my self sabotaging thoughts."


“From the first email contact, I felt I was in good hands. I'm no stranger to hypnotherapy, having seen a number of practitioners over the last ten years - Linda is hands down the best I've met."


“I had a total of three sessions with Linda and that is all I needed! I'd just like to thank Linda once again, what a wonderful and talented hypnotherapist! I highly recommend!"


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Linda Carter
Certified Transformational Hypnotherapist

As a Hypnotherapist I only work with people who are

Ready to ChangeOpen to Learning and Brave.

By Brave I mean

- Being ready to go deeper, connecting with difficult feelings you may have supressed for a long time

- Feeling a desire to work on yourself and not looking for "quick fixes"

- Being willing to let go of conscious ways of thinking that are just not serving you anymore

- Being honest with yourself by facing what's not working for you in your life

- Wanting and committing to developing emotional flexibility as you start a pathway to healing

Who this therapy
is for

- Anyone who is ready to explore their deepest feelings by examining their past

- Anyone open to being guided or coached

- Anyone with an active imagination.

I'll let you in to a secret: if you have Anxiety I already know that you have a very powerful, active imagination!


Who this therapy is not for

- Anyone looking for quick fixes or short cuts

- Anyone looking for short term coping mechanisms and strategies

- Anyone who is not ready to work on letting go of rigid ways of thinking or patterns of behaviour

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I want to get started - set up my free 15 min consultation phone call!

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